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The GALS Denver High School is a Denver Public School with students in 9th through 11th grade. The GALS Denver High School opened in 2014 with our pioneer class of freshman and has grown one grade at a time over the last three years. We will matriculate our first class of students in the spring of 2018. GALS Denver is located in central Denver near to many of our community partners including CVA (Center for Visual Arts) and CrossFit DeCO.

Our school model focuses on achieving 3 components: a strong academic offering with real-world applications of learning, a focus on positive gender education, and on movement – a synergy of the brain and body. This model supports the development of every young woman to be a powerful advocate for herself and leader of her community. Our weekly schedule in the high school reflects the model – students start each day in a movement offering, meet in grade level teams, as a whole school, or in smaller advising groups to participate in positive gender focused learning, and then take course work aligned to a successful post-secondary education. In keeping with our movement focus, students also move throughout the day – in service of learning or to stimulate engagement and intellectual capacity. Our classrooms are setup to encourage students to move as they learn – sitting on yoga balls, in rocking chairs, or on a stationary bike. We create spaces that are active rather than sedentary and encourage students to build awareness for their own needs – if a student feels sleepy in class, getting water and changing positions (standing rather than sitting) can refresh a student’s ability to learn.

Since our founding of the GALS Middle School in 2009, diversity, inclusion, and access have been critical core values. We believe the best education occurs in a school made up of students, teachers, and families drawn from many different socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, races, religions, and sexual orientations. GALS Denver seeks to create a school where students and adults are welcomed and supported, and where their faces, voices, and experiences are reflected and valued. We believe that the work of inclusion is a responsibility held by all and done for all, person to person.

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GALS Series 101-401

101 – I Know Who I Am
Fresh(wo)men focus on “being the girl/person they have always wanted to be.” Teenagers transitioning into high school need safe spaces to explore who they are and how their voice “shows up” in the world. We recognize that each of our students is a unique individual bringing value to our community. It is our hope to support our students find alignment between what they value as an individual and how they move through the world each day in line with their values.

201 – I Know that I Matter
Sophomores focus on building self-confidence through the lens of agency and self-efficacy. We work with students to develop a sense that they have the skills and permission to change the world – through advocating for their passions, their values, and their basic needs in a relationship.

301 – I Know What Matters to Me
Juniors focus on post-secondary preparation by exploring their personal interests and passions and aligning this to potential career and post-secondary educational options. Students also participate in GALS Intensives twice a year which is an opportunity to study a topic in depth for several days. Current intensives include:

Can Do – A course in building functioning knowledge of how to use resources available to solve common problems such changing a car tire, using a power tool to strengthen something, and to stitch a hole in clothing quickly.

EveX - The GALS TedX Academy – From the "I have a dream" speech to Steve Jobs’ iPhone launch, many great talks have a common structure that helps their message resonate with listeners. This course focuses on building skills to make a powerful “call to action”.

Women and Civics, Leadership, Law and Policy – A course in expressing knowledge of civic education and policy, in analyzing key political issues, in creating tangible solutions to address issues important to students.

401 – I Can Make a Positive Difference in My Own Unique Way
Seniors will complete a Capstone project pulling together all of the skills they’ve learned over time at GALS and applying these skills to address a topic of personal interest or that is a specific passion. Capstones include research, field hours, panel presentations, feedback cycles, a paper related to the topic/project, and reflections of learning.

Each GALS Series course develops skills that students can practice in all aspects of their lives – students will learn how to navigate conflict, find their own clarity about something and express themselves in a meaningful way, and make a determination that they matter and therefore, what matters to them is paramount. The GALS Series is the practical coursework that embodies the philosophical framework of the Girls Athletic Leadership Schools.
All students at GALS are required to move – movement is one of the three components of our model and is called out specifically in our strategic intent:

Empowering girls to succeed academically, live boldly, lead confidently, and thrive physically

By the time a student matriculates from GALS, she will know what types of movement work best for her, how to identify when she is physically & mentally “out of balance”, and learn the opportunities that come with challenging yourself physically.

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